Neck Lift/Liposuction in Seattle
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The neck lift procedure is designed for people who have excess fat around the neck, but have good skin tone and are not yet ready for a full face-neck lift. This operation includes liposuction of the neck, manual removal of fat underneath the muscles and tightening of the neck muscles under the chin. Excess skin cannot be removed with this procedure. If excess skin is the problem a full face-neck lift must be done.
A one inch incision is placed just under the chin, and the skin is elevated off the fat and muscle. A 3mm cushion of fat is left on the skin, and then liposuction is used to remove all of the remaining fat down to the muscle.
De-fatting the neck is also done by manually removing fat from underneath the platysma muscle. Once the fat is removed, the muscles are tightened and any neck cords are released.

The incision is then closed with 3-4 sutures. Drains are also used to remove any excess fluid or blood and are removed in 1 or 2 days after the surgery.

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