Facial Implants in Seattle
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Facial implants are used to improve balance in facial features. The implants specifically designed for cheek and chin augmentation. There are multiple types and shapes of implants available from different manufacturers using a variety of materials. Materials commonly used are Silastic and Gortex.

Implantation of a chin implant takes place through an incision approximately 3/4 inch long on the under side of the chin. A pocket will be created over the bone for the implant. The appropriate sized chin implant is then placed inside the pocket. Once the implant is in position, the skin will be closed with sutures. Typically there is some bruising and swelling around the chin area for a week to ten days following this procedure.

Implantation of cheek implants takes place through an incision inside the mouth just above the front teeth under the upper lip. Pockets will be created for the implants. The appropriate sized cheek implants are then placed inside each pocket. Once they are positioned, the skin will be closed with dissolvable sutures, which will fall out in 3-4 days. After cheek implants are placed, it is rare to have them migrate or move. Swelling in the cheeks lasts from two to three weeks; however, some mild residual swelling can occur up to two to three months after the surgery.

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