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Male-pattern baldness is caused from a family history of baldness, usually from the mother's side. In addition to the familial baldness, thinning of the hair of both men and women does occur with the aging process. Some women also have male-pattern baldness, which can be due to a hormonal change after menopause. When the baldness becomes rather severe, hair transplantation can be performed on women, as long as they have a good donor site on the back of the scalp.

Other solutions include wigs, weaves, hair extensions and medications such as Rogaine and Propecia.

Over the last 40 years hair transplantation has become very refined, so that now physicians are placing very tiny, individual, single-hair shaft grafts called micro-grafts and mini-grafts. The old style of hair replacement used large grafts that left a very unnatural look and hairline. This is no longer being performed. Consequently, more grafts are placed with individual single and double hair grafts.

Typically 100 to 800 micro-grafts are done during one procedure. This normally takes from one to five hours, depending upon the number of grafts being performed.

Three or four strips of hair-bearing skin are taken from the back of the head. The area is then closed with sutures or staples. These are cut into very fine mini-grafts. Some grafts are so small they have only 1 or 2 hairs in them. These are typically placed in the anterior frontal hairline. After the grafts are cut, they are planted into very small slits.Great care is taken in placing the grafts so they will live and flourish with normal, healthy circulation in the scalp. They are transplanted in a way so the hair grows in a natural direction.

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