Pre-op/Post-op Information


Two weeks before surgery:

- Confirm surgery with our office.
- Arrange transportation for the day of surgery.
- Arrange for accommodations if you live outside of Seattle.
- Someone must stay with you the first 24 hours after surgery.
- Patients needing a medical consultation before surgery should have this done so the report reaches us before surgery.
- One week before surgery:

Have your laboratory tests taken.

- Be sure and have your prescriptions filled.
- Send payment for surgery to our office.
- Arrange for facial treatments and hair coloring before surgery.
- Do not expose your face to the sun; patients must not be sunburned.
- 24 hours before surgery:

Confirm the surgery time with our office.

- Shampoo your hair.
- Relax and eat well.
- Do not take medications unless cleared by our office.
- Do not eat or drink anything after midnight.

The day of surgery:

- Wash your face well, brush your teeth and remove all eye makeup. Dentures may be left in. Leave contact lenses at home.
- Wear a front-buttoned shirt, slacks and flat shoes.
- Leave valuables at home, including jewelry and handbags.
- Please, arrive on time.
- We will need the phone # where you'll be staying following surgery.
- The person staying with you will be instructed in post-surgical care, when they arrive to pick you up.


- Post-op instructions, specific to the type of surgery, will be provided. Adhering to the instructions is crucial towards a healthy and positive recovery period.


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