Soothing winter blues... top procedures of the season

The winter season is typically full of holiday joy, family fun, and festivities. This time of year is also unfortunately known for stress, moodiness, and misery. Why? Most of us would agree that the holidays cause us to feel a little more fatiugued, emotionally drained, and under financial strain. What can we do to make ourselves feel merrier?

Attend to our own needs so you are able to carry out all of the responsibilities and duties that are expected of you. This means you need to eat properly, to exercise regularly, and to get enough sleep. This is no easy feat; howevver, by being good to your body it will be able to go the extra mile when you most need it and reap the benefits beyond just the winter season.

Take advantage of another coping strategy by setting up a consultation appointment with your facial plastic surgeon. He or she can provide information about procedures or treatments that may addd some cheer and emothional recharge to your holiday season.

What procedures are most popular during this cold season? The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS), an association that represents trained specialists in the field of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery of the head and neck, recently conducted a survey to track trends in facial plastic surgery. During the winter, top treatments include chemical peels and laser surgery procedures.

Chemical peels (using glycolic acid, trichoroacetic acid, or phenol acid at varing strengths) are applied to penetrate and remove the outer layers of the skin. Laser procedures utilize one of three lasers; the carbon dioxide (CO2) laser, the Erbium; YAG laser, and the cool touch laser. Laser resurfacing is relatively bloodless as layers of the skin are removed precisely to the desired outcome of the physician and patient.

why are these procedures popular? These treatment options - chemical peels and laser surgery - are minimally invasive techniques that immediately rejuvenate and restore your youthful appearance. This means there is little time in the physician's office, speedy recovery, and promising results.

Take care of yourself so you can enjoy this season to the fullest. Although your facial plastic surgeon cannot cross anything off your "to do" list, he or she can porvide more information on the popular procedures mentioned or other treatments that may be right for you.


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