Treatments available to smooth the wrinkled, furrowed brow

Deep furrows between Sally's eyebrows give her a worried look even when she feels carefree.
Forehead wrinkles make Howard look tired when he's actually full of energy.
Jerry's easy-going nature is belied by droopy eyelids that make him seem to glower at everyone.

Fortuanately for Sally, Howard, and Jerry, these premature signs of aging need not last. A variety of procedures -- ranging from minimally invasive treatments to surgery -- are available to fill lines, smooth wrinkles, and lift brows. The result: a more rested, positive, and youthful appearance.

Nonsurgical treatments If the problem is forehead wrinkles or furrows between the brows, consider these treatment options.
Injections of Botox -- a natural muscle relaxant -- can be made directly into the muscles that cause some wrinkles. Although the injections have to be repeated every three to six months, some patients notice a cumulative effect that allow them to forego treatments after a time. Botox has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration for use in the face as a treatment for muscle spasm disorders. The evidence to date indicates that it appears to offer a safe and effective treatment for minimizing certain types of deep facial lines.

Soft fillers or implants are used to fill some deep furrows and wrinkles. Made from either synthetic or natural substances, the thread-like fillers typically are inserted by means of a special needle through a tiny incision.

Laser resurfacing or chemical peeling also can help eliminate fine lines and wrinkles in the forehead area. by stimulating the production of new collagen, resurfacing procedures can even soften some deeper wrinkles and improve overall skin tone. Resurfacing can he done in conjunction with another brow procedure.

Surgical treatments For deeper wrinkles and sags in the forehead and brows, surgery may provide the more effective treatment. Several surgical approaches are available, depending on the extent of the problem and also on sex and age.
If, for instance, a woman with a fairly low hairline wants a smoother brow, the surgeon may recommend a coronal browlift. In this procedure, the surgeon hides an incision just behind the natural hairline -- something contra-indicated for men whose hair could recede to reveal an incision's scar. Because lifting the brow may raise the hairline, this approach may not be recommended if the hairline already is high.

When the forehead droops, chances are the midface is
also showing signs of age. Here are other procedures
that people often have done in conjunction with
browlift surgery.
Sagging or hooded eyelids Upper eyelid tuck
Pouches under eyes Lower eyelid surgery
Sagging facial contours and jawline Facelift, perhaps accompanied by a mid facial implant
Excess fatty deposits along the jawline or under the chin Liposuction
As a finishing touch, skin resurfacing can help eliminate surface wrinkles and give the skin a fresher, brighter look.

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