Facial plastic surgery procedures are not for women only

When thinking of facial plastic surgery, you may automatically picture a woman. But today's facial plastic surgery no longer assumes that the next person to walk into the consulting room will be female. Men are having facial plastic surgery in ever increasing numbers.

In fact, nearly 30 percent of the cosmetic procedures performed by facial plastic surgeons today are requested by men.

Why men are having facial plastic surgery
Although both men and women chose facial plastic surgery in order to look younger, and feel better about themselves, men are somewhat more likely to cite career concerns as a motivating factor. In today's youth-oriented business environment, a balding head, drooping brows, or sagging jowls can be a real liability. Many men are discovering that facial plastic surgery can help them look as good as they feel and perhaps give them a competitive edge in the job market.

Procedures sought by men
Unlike women, men seldom worry about lines and wrinkles. For them the more important concerns are facial contour and hair loss. Infact, rhinoplasty -- surgery to correct the appearance of the nose -- is one of the most frequently requested procedures among male patients. Hair restoration surgery is another popular option. Men are also likely to choose procedures to elevate sagging brows, correct drooping evelids, and eliminate fatty deposits beneath the eyes and chin.

Whatever their reasons for seeking facial plastic surgery, men are doing so In greater numbers and with confidence that today's procedures will help them achieve the more youthful appearance they desire.


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