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ENT Doctors Seattle Washington Ear, Nose, Throat Surgeon

Rhinoplasty... Board certified ENT Doctor in Seattle Washington Dr. William Portuese has extensive experience performing nasal surgery such as nose jobs, face lift surgery sinus surgery and rhinoplasty.

Have you ever been tested for allergies?

Hayfever symptoms? We have the answer.

Broken nose... Make sure the inside isn't broken as well...

Allergy testing by simply drawing your blood...too easy... I don't want to look like a pin-cushion either

Deviated septum... Do you have breathing problems?

Sinus surgery... Everything you wanted to know and then some.

Sinuses... What do they do?

Too many sinus infections... What are the options... medications, allergy testing, ct scan x-ray or surgery.

Nasal congestion could be a sign of a deviated or broken septum or allergies.

What are the treatments for chronic sinus problems? Antibiotics are not the answer.

Why do asthma, allergies and chronic sinus infections go hand in hand?

Sinus polps... What are they from... allergic nasal polyps.

Sinus headaches... Pain facial pressure drainge that won't go away treated comprehensibly

Allergy shots for hayfever... Whats that all about.

Nasal surgery.... Done for cosmetic, breathing problems and broken noses..

Dr William Portuese

Nose job or facelift surgery in seattle wa...Select an ENT Doctor with a background in both ears, nose and throat surgery training as well as facial plastic surgery training. Click here for nose surgery before and after photos. For nose surgery in Seattle contact Dr Portuese at 206.624.6200.

ENT Doctor in Seattle, Washington offers help for the ears, nose and throat